The Body Art Wellness Club offers you the DRY Area Membership that allows the access to one of the most spacious and modern fitness center in Bucharest with aerobics room, spinning and the SPA. Complete training sessions can be easily combined with relaxation. The SPA area consists of: Dry Sauna, Hammam, Emotional Shower, Scottish Shower, Ice-Fountain. Depending on your schedule, you can choose a Full Time membership (24 hours) or Off Peak Time (11:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

The Body Art Wellness Club offers you the WET Area Membership that allows the access to the swimming pool, 1 Jacuzzi and the Spa – Dry Sauna, Hammam, Emotional Shower, Scottish Shower, Ice-Fountain.

You can optionally ask our instructors for swimming initiation lessons or participate in aqua aerobics classes.

Did you know? Swimming mobilizes the entire body to overcome the resistance of water, which has a density 12 times greater than the air. Therefore swimming is one of the most popular sports for staying fit and muscle toning.

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Fitness Room has an area of approximately 400 sq/m and 63 workout stations. Designed with a modern fresh air ventilation system as well as its Nautilus fitness equipment – professional but friendly, it will make you feel at ease. For customized programs, you can consult our professional trainers.

The Fitness Room is divided into the cardio area, with more than 20 LCD screen devices, the free-weights area, multi-purpose area, the cable-workouts, multifunctional and fixed workout station area.

Did you know? If you have a job that involves a sedentary lifestyle, you need a minimum of 30 minutes daily exercise – 5 days a week or 20 minutes of intense cardio exercises for 3 days a week (according to study published by the American College of Sports Medicine).

The Aerobics Room has a generous area of over 120 sq/m and our professional trainers are prepared to offer you over 10 types of programs, according to your specific needs and interests. Personal trainers and instructors are specialized in every type of fitness activity. You can choose to attend a 30 minutes session – targeting a certain muscle group or classes of 50 minutes, more intense, with an overall effect of increasing strength and muscle toning. You can also choose the morning or afternoon programs.

Further details on classes schedule can be found here or by contacting reception Body Art Wellness Club.

Cycling is one of the more popular physical activities as it combines the cardio training with the strength training, and regardless of age, cycling is easy to be practiced. The pressure on joints is less than that exerted by practicing other sports, as a part of your body weight is taken up by the bicycle’s saddle.

Cycling classes are organized on different intensities and are led by a fitness trainer.

Cycling training is recommended as part of the program for people who want to lose weight, for those who want to stay healthy and improve their cardiovascular endurance and quality of life in general.

The cycling room area is about 120 sq/m and is equipped with 25 cycling bikes.

piscinaClub’s swimming pool has a size of 180 sq/m (20m x 9m) and is suitable for both recreational and fitness purposes. In addition, the swimming pool area is equipped with 2 Jacuzzis, deckchairs and showers.

Modernly designed with elements of natural inspiration, it creates a serene atmosphere, conducive to wellness.

The Jacuzzi area is highly preferred for relaxation, reinvigorating and toning.

img_6271-259You can enjoy the therapeutic effect of hot water for refreshing after an intense session of physical training as well as to relieve any muscle or joint pain.

Did you know? Studies show that regular sessions of Jacuzzi stimulate the metabolism and the hydro massage relaxes the stiff muscles and relieves the suffering of the shoulders, back and pelvis (according to the British Journal of Rheumatology)

saunaWithin the Body Art Wellness Club you have access to a dry sauna with enhanced benefits due to the therapeutic effects of salt. The Himalayan salt, from which the Sauna walls are built, is a rich source of micronutrients, essential for maintaining health. By heating the bricks of salt, ionization process occurs, causing negative ions that establish a naturally pure climate. Thus, the body can naturally assimilate minerals like calcium, magnesium and iodine.

Did you know? One of the benefits of negative ionized air number is relieving the suffering caused by asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular disorders, allergies and prolonged stress.

hammamHammam – or wet sauna – has a capacity of 12 people. This type of sauna is very popular in the East and spread more and more in the recent decades to the West. The recognized benefits refer to: deep cleansing skin, cell and tissues regeneration, increasing the strength of the immune system. Thus, wet sauna is effective in preventing seasonal diseases: influenza, bronchitis, colds and sinusitis, but also for general relaxation, it stimulates the pituitary and adrenal glands, improves breathing and rheumatic pain relief.

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