Fitness instructor that specializes in Aerobics, Schwinn Cycling Level, Surface Free Training and Pilates. Physical education and sports teacher with a Master Degree in Physical Education and Sports Training, she is also specialized in fitness – bodybuilding, accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports – Romania. Having an energetic charisma and motivated by the fact that only persistence and a well rounded fitness training program lead to visible results, Gratiela is certified in various fitness programs:

Pilates Certification – International MasterClass Association – Kliment Petrov Koychev / Judith Szereday, Surface Free Training Certification – Dimitris Gourgos, Indoor Cycling Instructor-International MasterClass Association – Carlos Barbados (Tomahawk), Bronze Level Schwinn-Eva Kupkova, Class Design Schwinn / Target Heart Rate Zone Schwinn – Lou Atkinson.

Day Hour Class
Monday 7 p.m

7:30 p.m