Mihai Cuc - Body Art Wellness Club


Is an Aerobics instructor, Cycling – Schwinn Level and Bosu Master trainer. As professional volleyball player for 4 years, he is convinced that the essential key for attaining peak performance consists in overcoming the self imposed limits. He has continued to stay up to date with challenges and trends in fitness industry, accredited by attending various courses:

Silver Level Schwinn, Star 1 SPINNING Instructor, Startrac Mad Dog Atletics, Blackpool UK; Indoor Cycling Instructor – International MasterClass Asociation – Carlos Barbados (Tomahawk); BOSU Certification – Daniel Gonzalez; Functional Training – Empowerment cu Daniel Gonzalez / Giovanna Ventura; Total Body Advance – Alessandro Oliveri; Steel Training / Steel Tonic / Steel Combat – Fernando Gorini , Gonzalo Vicos; Beat Boxing, Bag Boxing & Khai-bo Instructor – Troy Dureh (Fight Klub – UK); HUMANSPORT SPECIALIST Trainer Certification.

Day Hour Class
Monday 7.30 am ABS Training
Tuesday 7 p.m STEEL Training
Thursday 1:30 p.m

2:30 p.m

Circuit Training


Friday 7 p.m STEEL Training