Is a fitness and bodybuilding trainer, Aerobics and Schwinn Cycling – Silver Level instructor. Graduate of the A.N.E.F.S. Bucharest, has dedicated himself to sport performance for 11 years, starting his career as a fitness trainer since 2003. With personal motto “work brings satisfaction, hard work and persistence – greatness and results“, he believes that customized and tenacious training programs can guarantee immediate and effective results.

As an active and creative person, he has a prolific activity in attending specialized fitness courses: Personal Trainer, Aerobics & Step by Alfedro Pedrozini 2009; Cycling Presenter Welfitt Romania 2009 – 2010; Intelligent Management for Fitness Clubs – Daniel Gonzalez 2010; Spinning Star 1 Startrac Mad Dog Atletics, Blackpool UK. 2011; Tonic Steel / Steel Training – Fernando Gorini and Gonzalo Vicos 2012; Fitness Management -Daniel Gonzalez in 2012.

Day Hour Class
Tuesday 1.30 am

2.30 am

8 p.m


Abs ON fire


Wednesday 1:30 p.m

2:30 p.m

TRX Workout

ABS & Stretching

Thursday 8 p.m

9 p.m


ABS on Fire

Friday 8 a.m

1:30 pm

2:30 pm


Slim Fit Training

ABS Intensive